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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Last Day At The AFT Convention

July 23 coverage has another screed from the PLP:

Today's Commie Commentary. Today's excerpt from Challenge: Revolutionary Communist Newspaper of Progressive Labor Party is headlined, "Chinese Workers Suffer Under Capitalism." It says of the AFT leadership:

"Although it cries crocodile tears for the workers of China, it refuses to condemn the capitalist system that is exploiting workers and pushing us towards a potential war with China. The AFT leadership continues to mislead workers by falsely portraying the problems in China as stemming from communism, when in fact they stem from capitalism."

PLP is referring to a resolution which is the topic of today's Quote of the Day:

"The American government is not the only source of evil in this world. American corporations are not the only source of evil in this world." – United Federation of Teachers special representative Leo Casey, speaking against inclusion of an anti-U.S. amendment into Resolution 38, dealing with worker abuses in China. My apologies to Casey for compromising him by quoting him in the newsletter of evil.

The AFT is not the most enthusiastic supporter of capitalism, however:

Delegates Pass "Boycott Wal-Mart" Resolution. Resolution 40 called for AFT to "urge members to patronize union stores and to protest Wal-Mart's presence across the country," as well as to seek legislation "which requires that all covered employers spend a minimum level of funding on healthcare for employees based on the number of hours worked in the year." The union's Organizing and Collective Bargaining Committee had recommended the resolution be referred to the Executive Council, but the vote to adopt the resolution was overwhelmingly in favor.

The AFT should have an Organizing and Collective Force Committee to deal with resolutions calling for legislation to achieve what bargaining fails to accomplish.

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