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Saturday, July 22, 2006

From The American Federation of Teachers Convention

Intercepts has an interesting story: the AFT supports Israel's war on Palestinian terror (emphasis in italics added):

AFT Passes Strong Pro-Israel Resolution. Delegates heatedly debated, then passed, a special resolution on state-sponsored terrorism and the crisis in the Middle East that strongly supports Israel in its actions against Hamas and Hezbollah.

The resolution states that AFT "condemn the bombings, killings and kidnappings by Hezbollah and Hamas that precipitated this current crisis," and that the union recognizes "Israel's right and responsibility to defend its borders and citizens from terrorist attacks and other threats to its sovereignty." The resolution also seeks implementation of U.N. Resolution 1559 and support for the elected government of Lebanon.

The resolution passed by a good margin, but not easily. An attempt was made to substitute language that would have condemned both sides and called for a ceasefire and peace talks, but this was rejected on a close vote.

Herb Magidson of New York, who introduced the resolution on behalf of the AFT Executive Council, noted that Israel's enemies have consistently refused to use nonviolent means to achieve their goals. "Rosa Parks didn't blow up a bus," he said.

But the United States' war on Iraqi terror is another matter:

These feelings will certainly arise again before the convention is over, during the debate over Resolution 31. The AFT International Relations Committee examined all the submitted resolutions on Iraq, and chose to present Resolution 31, slightly amended, as the one with which they concur. It calls on U.S. leaders to "withdraw all troops, bases and military operations in a rapid and timely manner."

Update: I do have a question for Mr. Magidson - what woudl be a nonviolent means for destroying Israel?

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