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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lost Season Finale

I taped the show, watched it twice, and still can't tell that the Elizabeth who gave Desmond his boat is Flight 815's Libby. It's amazing what a "Desperate Housewives" wig can do. Her backstory will be revealed next season through others' flashbacks, according to Wikipedia. There's gotta be a reason why she keeps changing her hair style and color - one for her air trip and unscheduled island stay, one for her meeting with Des, and one for her stay at the institution where Hurley also stayed.

The show leaves us with multiple cliffhangers:

  • Who survives. I went through a dozen pages or so of this message board, and nobody seems to have noticed something: we never saw an actual explosion at the Swan station. What Kelvin told Des about the failsafe might not have been true (and Kelvin himself might not know the truth). We did see the hatch door get tossed into the air, but who knows how it got tossed. Explosion is the most likely explanation, but this island defies likely explanations. My theory is that only a portion of the station got blown away, and that Eko, Locke and Desmond are safe.
  • Will Michael and Walt make their escape from the island? There are five possibilities: the Others will double cross them, Jack and company will pull some miraculous stunt that will stop them, Sayid and the Kwons will intercept them at sea, the Swan incident will screw up the compass headings given to Michael and he won't be able to navigate properly to get away, and Michael will for whatever reasons change his mind. My prediction: they're gonna get away, there'll be a DHARMA agent waiting who will arrange new identities for them, Michael will so some snooping on DHARMA, and in the process will eventually encounter
  • Will Jack, Kate and Sawyer get away? Of course they will. But not necessarily soon. Maybe not even for the first half of Season Three. I predict that they're gonna do some scheming with Alex Rousseau, maybe involving a long con to be pulled on the Others by Sawyer.
  • Why Penelope Widmore is looking for an electromagntic anomaly at a certain part of the globe. A populat theory is that by some means she knows at least a little something about DHARMA's electromagnetism experiment and has enough clues to somehow link Desmond's disappearance with it.

The finale also leaves us with some curiosities, aside from Libby's multiple makeovers:

  • The origin and nature of the statue discovered by Sayid and the Kwons.
  • Why did "Henry Gale" lie to Locke about the Swan countdown display? Due to the chain of events in the season finale, it seems impossible that "Henry" did not enter the code - and it's highly unlikely that that was the very first time he ever saw the hieroglyphs. I suspect reverse psychology: betting that he'd eventually escape, he'd tell Locke and the others something that Locke would assume to be a lie. "Henry" looked angry when the electromagnetic discharge bathed the island. Could be that the Swan station was critical to the Others' mysterious agenda.
  • Whether the Swan event will get rid of the island's healing properties.
  • That freaky bird. (Not to mention the island's other anomalous fauna.)
  • Whether Kelvin's name is a reference to Lord Kelvin, who was famous for "important work in the mathematical analysis of electricity and thermodynamics, and did much to unify the emerging discipline of physics in its modern form."
  • Whether Dave the deceased husband of Libby is the same guy that Hurley was hallucinating. One theory: Libby lied to Des about his fate - he may have died from the platform collapse that Hurley blamed himself for, and not from illness. Which leads us to...
  • ...whether Libby ever told the truth about her life before the island. If not, what was her reason?
  • What Desmond did to get sent to a military prison.
  • What that medicine really does.

I have some other thoughts in comments at Lintefiniel Musing (which provided the link to the previously mentioned message board).

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