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Monday, March 27, 2006

Stop And Vent

That would have been a more appropriate name for Stop And Think. The main webpage displays its mission statement:

It's a place where people with concerns about changing the Wright Amendment can gather, get information and speak out.

The phrase "in cooperation with American Airlines" tells you what side of the Wright Amendment issue this organization is on. So does the direct mailing I received in the mail today:

It's about time to stop and think...about families. Moms. And dads. The kids they love. It's time to think about the jobs that support them. The schools that teach them. [Overturning the Wright Amendment threatens education??] The roads they drive on. And the air they breathe. Families worry. Homeowners worry. Businesses worry. If the Wright Amendment changes, what changes next?

I checked the website to see what kind of information is available to be gathered. The "learn more" page lists a brief timeline regarding the Wright Amendment. (For further details on how Southwest attained "court permission" to remain at Love, read Herb Kelleher's Senate testimony.) The "stories" page is a sort of comments section where concerned citizens can vent; so far all the responses are pro-Wright amendment. The "press room" tab leads to a list of Stop And Think's press releases, articles that mention its lobbying efforts, and one article that summarizes the provisions of the Wright Amendment. The "links" page lists several entities that support the Wright Amendment.

For a better understanding of the Wright Amendment, issue, I want access to studies on pollution, air and highway traffic, economic impact, Love Field-area property values, and other relevant issues. Stop And Think provides no such resources.

If anyone wants to contribute to Stop And Think's "comments" section, do what the other commenters aren't doing: find a specific claim advocated by the pro-Wright Amendment forces, rebut it, and document your sources. Give the readers something concrete to stop and think about.

Update: I have just looked at the comments form. It states, "If your post is selected for the website, we’ll only use your first name, last name and city unless you specify otherwise." So it's highly unlikely that anti-Wright Amendment comments will get posted. But don't let that stop you. Let the Stop And Think folks see reasoned arguments against the Wright Amendment.

And send your Stop And Think comment to me.

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