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Thursday, September 29, 2005

How Will It Play In Baghdad?

At FrontPage Magazine, Dr. Walid Phares imagines how two Iraqi citizens would react to the American antiwar movement. Here's a sample:

Majid: I don’t know. But one of their activists, Cindy Sheehan, lost her son in Iraq and is leading the campaign against President Bush now.

Hassan: Was she against his decision to join the armed forces?

Majid: Apparently yes. That’s what she says.

Hassan: Did she try to convince him not to enroll?

Majid: Yes, that’s what she said.

Hassan: So, her son refused to obey her

Majid: Yes.

Hassan: He disagreed with her?

Majid: Yes.

Hassan: So he had different views than she did?

Majid: Well, he joined the Army, and she didn’t want him to join.

Hassan: Was she against the War in Iraq before he joined?

Majid: She was against the removal of Saddam.

Hassan: And now she is acting as a mother who lost her child who refused to obey her and was killed in a war she opposed?

Majid: Exactly. She considers the war that liberated us a war that killed her son. She was against regime change in Iraq. I also heard she criticized Bush, Chirac, and Blair for removing the Syrians from Lebanon.

Hassan: Why is she against our peoples’ freedoms?

Majid: She says removing Saddam wasn’t a good cause.

Hassan: Did she ever meet with Iraqi mothers who lost their children, husbands, and babies?

Majid: Not that I know of.

Hassan: So stopping the genocide in Iraq is not enough of a noble cause for her?

Majid: She and her movement say no.

Pour a cup of coffee and read the whole thing.

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