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Monday, June 13, 2005

Dude, Where's My Country?

Alley Oop is running an interesting storyline. Oop receives a visit from Doc Wonmug's assistant Ava. Dave Wowee, Wonmug's descendent who runs a time lab in the future, had made some electronic buttons that would allow the user to transport to Wonmug's time lab from wherever and whenever they happen to be; Ava used hers to travel back from Moo, with oop in tow, back to the lab.

Ava tells Oop that Dave and Wonmug had traveled to Dave's time lab, and had since been unable to make contact. She shows video of their last broadcast, which shows the two men with bruises sitting in a jail cell.

Dave and Wonmug are being interrogated by law enforcement officials. The leader is searching for information about Dave's alleged terrorist connections; to which Dave claims innocence. Dave is confused when the leader says they're in a nation called Crimsonia. Dave says he's a US citizen; the leader thinks he's playing dumb, and inists that the US no longer exists.

Ava and Oop proceed to Dave's time lab to investigate. There they stay hidden as they find two men (wearing the same uniform as the Crimsonian leader's assistant) installing files on a bunch of people into Dave's computer; conversation reveals that this is some sort of planted evidence. Ava deletes the files when the men leaves.

They remain unseen as Dave and Wonmug are marched into the lab by their captors. The leader demands to know why the Crimsonian flag is not on display. Dave restates his claim of US citizenship. The leader's assistant produces a map of Crimsonia - the 2004 election "red states."

Stay tuned...

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