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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost - We All Live On A Widmore Submarine

(Episode: Recon. Spoilers ahead.)

In the 2004 timeline, James "Sawyer" Ford is a cop (who never assumed that nickname), and "ghost buster" Miles is his partner.

Miles sets him up on a blind date - with Charlotte Lewis. The two go to his place. While he's in the bathroom she searches his dresser drawer, and finds a folder labeled "Sawyer." James catches her and kicks her out. He tries making up to her later, but she sends him away.

Privately he tells James he had tracked his credit card usage - discovered he went to Australia instead of Palm Springs as he had told all his friends. (I suspect the blind date was part of his personal undercover investigation of his partner.) Later, James confesses, handing over the "Sawyer" folder - he's looking for Anthony Cooper, the man whose con provoked the murder-suicide that claimed the lives of his parents.

They are interrupted by a car that slams into the side of James' car. Merely dented, he chases the driver, who goes on foot. He nabs the perp - it's Kate.

On the island, Kate is having it worse. Claire tries to kill her as Sayid watches motionless and uncaring. Fake Locke breaks them up, later tells Kate that he'd been feeding Claire with propaganda that the Others had Aaron, something to "give her something to hold on to." Claire later reconciles with Kate.

Fake Locke also tells Kate about Sawyer's absence. At the beginning of the episode MIB's gang assembles at Claire's camp, where they meet Sawyer and Jin (who, beforehand, both express their knowledge that "Locke" is an impostor). Sawyer and the Man in Black speak alone. MIB reveals he's the Smoke Monster. He sends Sawyer on a recon mission to the small island with the Hydra station.

Sawyer takes an outrigger. He finds a bunch of dead bodies and one purported survivor, Zoe. They're about to take his outrigger back to the main island when Sawyer, tipped off by her remark about the Ajira flight's destination, pulls a gun on her. Men in the bushes pull rifles on Sawyer.

"Take me to your leader," Sawyer says. He's led to the sub where Widmore awaits. Sawyer makes an offer: he'll tell "Locke" the coast is clear, and lead him into whatever trap Widmore sets up so he can kill "Locke." In return, he wants safe passage for whomever he's with, and escape from the island.

Sawyer goes back to the main island, tells MIB everything, including the deal - and the construction of sonic pylons like the ones that kept Smokey away from the Barracks when they were in operation. He tells MIB that they'll act like they're walking into the trap and then surprise Widmore with a sudden change of plan. MIB likes the idea - at least he says he does.

Privately, Sawyer tells Kate his plan. Widmore and MIB will fight it out, and while they're occupied with each other they'll escape the island - on Widmore's sub.

Next week's episode focuses on Richard Alpert. I hope we finally learn his origins. If the "fractured" timeline is a life-without-being-touched-by-Jacob scenario, then Richard would never have gained his immortality. Will we see him in a previous century?

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