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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lost - Take The Brown Pill, Sayid

(Episode: What Kate Does. Spoilers ahead.)

In the fractured timeline, Kate's hijacked a cab, which the cabbie eventually flees, leaving her and Claire. Kate takes Claire's bag and tells her to get out, and drives to a metal shop where she gets the proprietor to cut off her handcuffs. She discovers in the stolen bag that Claire is an expectant mother. She goes back to where she left her, and takes Claire to the couple who had planned to adopt her baby.

But when they get to the couple's home, they find the missus, who says that her husband left her, and that she can't adopt the baby. Claire goes into labor. Kate takes her to the hospital, where she is attended by Dr. Goodspeed - who we know from the true timeline as Ethan Rom.

During an ultrasound exam, Claire blurts out the name Aaron, triggering a sense of deja vu in Kate. Later, cops come by Claire's room and ask about Kate. Claire makes up a story that she left for parts unknown, while Kate is actually in an adjacent room. Kate comes out of hiding, says her goodbyes, and takes off for real.

In the true timeline, the Others administer a test on Sayid that involves blowing a powder over him, and administering painful electric shock and a hot poker. Jack is privately given a pill meant for Sayid. He meets privately with Sayid, who agrees to take the pill, but Jack goes back to the leader Dogen - he won't hand over the pill until he knows what's in it.

Jack puts the pill in his own mouth. Dogen quickly does a Heimlich maneuver and forces out the pill. He says it's poison. Sayid has been infected with a "darkness" that will eventually consume his identity.

I think it's the illness that drove Rousseau's team to madness.

Dogen tells Jack that Claire was infected too.

Earlier, Sawyer managed to grab a gun to escape the temple. Two of the Others leave with Kate and Jin to track him; the Others want to protect him from Smokey. The team discovers one of Roussseau's old traps, a tripwire that triggers a bag of rocks like a wrecking ball. Kate uses the trap to overpower the Others.

She and Jin go their separate ways. Kate finds Sawyer at the Barracks. He's grieving over Juliet, blaming himself for her death; Sawyer had convinced her to stay on the island. Kate eventually leaves him at the Barracks and reenters the jungle.

Meanwhile, those two Others grab Jin. The white guy is about to kill Jin over the black guy's objections, but the two are shot - by Claire.

Her demeanor reminds me of Rousseau's. Did Rousseau have the illness too?

Over at Jen's I offered a bit of plot analysis, some of which has already been stated here.

Remember when Mrs. Hawking rounded up the Oceanic Six to prevent some unstated calamity from happening? And when her son theorized that it really is possible to change history?

I think the calamity she was trying to prevent was the changing of history. Jack and his friends had to go back to the island to prevent that. They were part of the real history of the island. They had to go back and join the DHARMA Initiative and create the Incident that caused the magnetic anomaly’s instability, which forced DHARMA to add a feature to the Swan hatch that would contain the anomaly, which would eventually be neglected, thus bringing down Oceanic 815.

What happens if history is changed? The fracture in time we’re seeing now. So what went wrong?

Speculation: what went wrong is that Aaron didn’t go back to the island.

Whether this or something else is the culprit, I predict that Mrs. Hawking will round up the Lostaways, starting with Jack, and prod them into fixing the time rift.

This week I think we’re learning what happened to Rousseau’s team. They got infected with whatever infects Sayid and Claire. Claire’s demeanor seems a lot like Rousseau’s - and makes me wonder if the French chick was infected too.

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