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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lost - Season 6 Premiere

(Episdoes: LA X, Parts 1 and 2. Spoilers ahead. Refer to my review of the Season Five finale)

Jack's plan to change history has unexpected results. Two contradictory timelines have emerged - the "real" timeline, in which nothing has changed, and one in which Oceanic 815 never crashed in 2004, landing at LAX on schedule.

The 2004 timeline has some historic anomalies, as the Wikipedia article (first link) explains:

Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder) is returning to Los Angeles without his step-sister; Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia) claims to be the luckiest man alive; Locke claims to have participated in his walkabout; Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick) is a passenger and Rose Henderson (L. Scott Caldwell) reassures Jack while experiencing turbulence.

One more difference: after the plane passes through the turbulence with little incident, we see that the entire island has completely submerged.

Afterward, a stewardess calls Jack to the restroom where Charlie Pace has been for an unusually long time. Sayid comes by and kicks the door open. They find Charlie on the floor, choking on something, which happens to be a bag of cocaine in his windpipe. Charlie tells Jack he was supposed to die. Was this something Charlie would have attempted in the original 2004 timeline, or is this connected to Jacob's plans?

After landing, Kate manages to escape from her federal marshal escort and hijacks a cab, which Claire Littleton happens to be in. Meanwhile, Sun and Jin have to go through some red tape as the customs agent finds an undeclared wad of cash in one suitcase.

Segue to 2007, the "present" timeline. All the Losties that had been sent back to the old DHARMA days are now back in the present. They find the familiar Swan hatch wreckage - and Juliet is in the middle of it. Sawyer digs her out while Jack forgets to tell Sawyer about the part of his medical training that says not to move someone who fell from a considerable height without a stretcher. Juliet dies from her injuries.

Hurley is met by Jacob's ghost; Jacob tells him to bring Sayid to the temple so his bullet wound can be healed. Sawyer and Miles stay behind while the others proceed. From the grave Miles learns from Juliet that Jack's plan actually worked - how and why it was successful is not disclosed.

Both groups eventually get captured. Hurley has a guitar case given him by Jacob. He gives it to the Japanese leader Dogen, who finda a giant ankh in the case and a note in the ankh. The note warns of dire consequences if Sayid is not healed. Sayid is taken to a pool; the attempt to heal him fails - but at the end of the episode Sayid comes to. Miles appears to sense some disturbance in the force - maybe that Sayid's spirit isn't around when it should be.

Prior to that, Hurley blurts out that Jacob is dead. They surround the grounds with a powder identical to that surrounding Jacob's cabin - a defense against The Monster. The Others launch fireworks - perhaps a call for all Others to return to the temple for safety?

A third plot thread takes place at the statue. Jacob has been killed, and "Locke" tells Ben to bring in Richard Alpert. Ben obeys, but the armed gang from the Ajira flight object. Bram leads a few men and Ben into the base of the statue. We discover that Jacob's nemesis, the man posing as Locke, is really the Smoke Monster! Smokey kills Bram and his men.

In Locke form he later tells Ben that he wants to go home. He emerges with Ben, and pummels Richard into unconsciousness and begins to take him into the statue base - but not before seeing the fireworks...

Predictions: In the 2004 timeline Jack will be recruited by Mrs. Hawking to fix a timeline that's not supposed to exist, and Locke will somehow become an obstacle to this plan.

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