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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Heroes - Demolition Man

(Episode: The Wall. Spoilers ahead.)

Peter enters Sylar's nightmare - the two are in an abandoned New York City. Peter explains the dreams about Emma. As the two walk down one street, they turn around and find a wall identical to the one Matt built, blocking off the entire street. Peter surmises that busting the wall is the way out. The wall doesn't give to their sledgehammer blows until Peter reaches a degree of forgiveness for Nathan's murder. But as they leave Matt's basement they find Eli, who's been sent by Samuel to eliminate them.

Lauren sneaks into the carnival for medical supplies for her gunshot wound and is discovered by Emma, and later by Samuel. He expresses to Lauren his desires for revenge. Before his mission to Matt's, Eli was supposed to take care of Lauren, but she somehow got away.

In the hall of mirrors, Damien uses his power to reveal Bennett's memories to Claire. He was married once before, but a telekinetic Special robbed them one day and killed his expectant wife. While seeking the killer he discovered another mutant. Bennett drew a gun on the guy and demanded information about people with abilities. The guy didn't know about others like him. He panicked and used his force projection power on Bennett, who also panicked and shot the guy.

Company operative Thompson soon recruited Bennett, and pressured him into getting a wife (pointing out the waitress who just served them) to give him stability. Bennett soon started working with "Claude Rains," whose invisibility power stokes in Bennett a chronic sense of paranoia.

Another memory shows Bennett visiting Gretchen, using the implied threat of Hatianized memory erasure to coerce her into urging Claire to stay away from the carnival.

Claire is upset with these revelations, but she knows Samuel is the real villain. Samuel directs her to one of the trailers, where Bennett is located. She goes in, and he sends the trailer tens of feet underground, burying them alive.

How will Claire and Bennett get out of their prison? Will Angela have a dream about them (Claire's her granddaughter, after all) and warn somebody? What makes Eli think he can take on Peter and Sylar? Where's Matt? Where's Hiro and Ando? Where's Tracy? How did Lauren get away? Stay tuned.

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