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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heroes - Town Without Pity

(Episode: Strange Attractors. Spoilers ahead.)

Bennett's plan to get Jeremy in the clear shatters. The boy has a rap sheet (details unknown), and the sheriff will release the boy only to next of kin. He enlists Tracy to pose as his aunt. After some difficulty they succeed, but angry townsfolk confront the three. Jeremy touches one belligerent man on the chest; the man collapses, bleeding at the nose. Jeremy refuses Bennett's pleas to heal the man, and turns back toward the jail.

Before the release Tracy encountered Samuel. The two are transported back to the carnival. It is uncertain if his ability to manipulate earth can effect a sort of teleport, or if this was the work of the power of one of the other carnies. Samuel tells her that the carnival could be Jeremy's home. He gives her a compass to "point the way."

The next morning, Bennett and Tracy find Jeremy dead in the street. Without the sheriff's knowledge Deputy Gill took him out of the jail and had an accomplice drag him to death. Tracy tells Bennett not to call on her again, and while in her car alone she pulls out the compass.

In the final scene Samuel appears in town and causes the sheriff's office to collapse.

Meanwhile, Matt thinks he's found a way to incapacitate Sylar's mind - with alcohol. But he is ultimately duped; Sylar "slipped into the driver's seat" after Matt passed out. Undoubtedly Sylar will now put full effort into finding his body - and his powers.

The sorority sisters kidnap Claire and Gretchen and bring them to a slaughter house for a creepy treasure hunt; the first to find it gets to sit out Hell Week. After Gretchen is nearly struck by a hanging chain, Claire suspects that someone is trying to kill her - possibly someone with powers. Gretchen responds with one of the best one-liners of the night: "That sounds like some crazy-ass conspiracy theory... which pretty much describes your entire life."

The four girls gather together, and separate again - at which time Gretchen is attacked again, strangled by a chain. Claire fights the assailant, and is impaled against a metal hook or something on the wall. Claire still manages to land a blow that shuts off the attacker's invisibility. Exposed, Becky flees. The other pledges enter, not seeing Becky but seeing Claire impaled - and they witness her healing.

What is Becky's next move? What is the Sylar mind's next move? Will Tracy join the carnival? Will she meet the Sylar body? Will Bennett suspect mutant foul play regarding the sheriff's office collapse? Stay tuned.

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