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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heroes - Sylar's New Home

(Episode: Tabula Rasa. Spoilers ahead.)

Samuel attempts to nudge Sylar into regaining his memories. He catches glimpses of a few memories - belonging to Nathan. Lydia's precog radar is quite selective; she sensed Bennett's renewed interest in heroes, but she's totally in the dark about the source of Sylar's identity crisis. (I thought was a Sullivan family member - she isn't.)

The heavy artillery is brought out: a guy with the ability to cause people to see their past in reflective material. In the hall of mirrors Sylar sees several of his past murders, and the accidental killing of his mother. He calls himself a monster.

Samuel arranges for the officer pursuing Sylar to win tickets to the carnival. He eventually encounters Sylar in the hall of mirrors, sometime after the memories incident. Sylar tries to warn the cop off, trying to save his life. He accidentally shocks the officer, but not lethally. Sylar refuses to kill, but Edgar comes in and kills the cop in his signature fashion.

Sylar is now part of the family, but Edgar is not happy - he is jealous of Lydia's interest in Sylar.

Bennett and Peter track down an old Company subject, a boy who can heal. They teleport to Georgia, where they find dead bushes, a dead bird, and Jeremy's dead parents. Jeremy's power has a flip side: he can drain life as well. Jeremy threatens with a shotgun. Bennett approaches him up the stairs unarmed. Peter teleports between the two, and the shotgun goes off, firing into Peter's chest. Bennett encourages Jeremy that he can still heal if he controls the power; Jeremy heals Peter. Peter absorbs the power and takes conventional transportation to DC while Bennett stays behind. Bennett rigged a couple of things to make the death look like asphyxiation, to save the kid from legal trouble.

Before his trip Peter had told Hero about Emma's power. She wants it to go away; Hiro initially has difficulty engouraging her to accept it. A talent show flier gives Hiro the idea to put on a magic show for the hospital children. Emma walks in and he calls on her to assist in his next trick - placing a sheet in front of her and making her disappear. He makes time and everything but him and Emma freeze, and she is awed seeing the colors frozen in time. She is encouraged to give the abilities another chance, and she hides behind a privacy screen to complete the trick.

Afterward, they talk in the hall, and Hiro involuntarily vanishes. Earlier he had spoken of a wrong he sought to correct: Charlie Andrews' death. She tells Peter when he arrives.

Will Hiro save Charlie? Will Sylar see any Sylar memories that do not involve bloodshed? What is the Parkman-hosted Sylar consciousness up to? Will Bennett enlist Jeremy in the mutant-hunting business? Will they use his powers to give the Georgia peach crop a little boost while they're around? Stay tuned.

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