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Monday, May 04, 2009

Heroes - My Wish List For Next Season

I want Hiro to regain his powers. Hiro without powers is really difficult to write into the show - too difficult, I think. With Daphne dead they can't repeat the combination of hers and Ando's powers to go back in time and steal some serum from Pinehearst. That leads into the next item...

Bring Dr. Zimmerman into the regular cast. He's the doc who created the mutant triplets Nikki, Tracy and the yet-revealed Barbara. If any trace of knowledge of the serum exists, it's with him. He'd be useful to the new Company as well as to Hiro. Perhaps he may play a role in dealing Tracy, who has been turned into a psychopath by her government. And he could be a lead-in to the next item...

Introduce Barbara. Now's as good a time as to bring the last triplet into the fold.

More air time for Micah. The new Company could use a hacker, and will be smart if they set him up to work remotely from New Orleans. Give him his own analog to the Batcave, but given the Nawlins water table, it'll have to be above-ground. One of the few actual predictions I'll make: he'll figure out Tracy's role in the weird drowning deaths, and will try to intervene.

Bring back Monica Dawson. She's one reason I want Micah to stay in New Orleans. Don't let a great character go to waste.

Bring back the Haitian. He's most useful to the new Company, and they're gonna need him to deal with the ticking time bomb that Angela dropped in our laps...

End the Sylar masquerade as Nathan quickly. This is the worst scheme that any character ever had on this show. Did Angela not stop to think that he would eventually rediscover his Sylar powers, and that supersonic flight isn't among them? The reason for this charade is to keep the world from knowing that a United States senator was killed by a mutant. This leaves two alternatives:

  • Stage fake Nathan's death. Matt Parkman could use his powers to let a few witnesses see what he wants them to see, or "Nathan" could "die" from an event not directly see by the outside world (like a plane crash).
  • Bring back the real Nathan - alive. This is one use for Hiro's powers, to reverse boneheaded plot twists. He would go back in time with Matt Parkman to save Nathan, whose past death is staged by Matt. There is one hurdle: Matt's telepathy.

    Here's how they can pull it off. First, Hiro goes back in time to rescue the bleeding Nathan after Sylar leaves the room where Nathan was left to die; in the future he is healed with serum from Claire's blood. Second, Hiro goes back to the point when Angela and Matt enter the room; Hiro freezes time, grabs Past Matt who is replaced by Future Matt. Matt reprises his actions from memory, pulling off the illusion of Nathan's death, and fulfilling his destiny to warp Sylar's identity. Hiro arrives shortly with Past Matt, who has never left the time-frozen state. (If this is not possible, a Plan B involving Haitian memory erasure will have to be implemented.) Everyone but Future Matt is frozen when Hiro arrives. Future Matt places his memory of the past few minutes in Past Matt. Both leave, history takes its course.

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