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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Heroes - Revenge, Is It Sweet?

(Episode: Turn and Face the Strange. Spoilers ahead.)

Matt and Sylar are similarly bent on revenge - but their plots take very different paths. One seeks murder, the other destruction.

Sylar uses his shape-shifting and voice-mimicry powers to pose as Sandra, showing up at the office to serve divorce papers. Bennett recognizes that her signature is forged, and shows up at the real Sandra's DC hotel room thinking she's Sylar. (He'd discovered earlier that the body presumed to be Sylar's really belongs to a known shape-shifter.) In the confrontation he realizes Sylar set him up.

Bennett pretends to be Sylar in Bennett disguise, and offers Danko some previously undisclosed Primatech files - then pulls a gun and reveals his real identity. Bennett's figured out Danko's arrangement with Sylar, and wants to know what agent he's been posing as. Danko tells him, and the two find that agent's team. In the confrontation Bennett shoots the agent, who really is Sylar in disguise, but Sylar plays possum long enough to convince all present that Bennett got the wrong guy. Bennett flees.

Matt decides he's gonna give Danko a taste of his own medicine - he plots to find out what woman Danko's close to, and then kill her. Danko's girlfriend is a Russian-born gal who knows Danko by an assumed name (not unusual for a secret agent man). Eventually the three are at her place, and Matt can't go through with his plan. He drops the gun, and Danko get s his, shoots, and - poof! - Matt is gone faster than you can say "Takezo Kensei." Hiro comes to save the day!

En route to that scene, Hiro and Ando discover that Baby Parkman turns stuff off when he's upset. Ando has to make a silly face to keep the baby happy so he doesn't shut off the minivan. When they rescure Matt Sr. (getting directions from Mohinder), the ex-cop discovers he has a son.

Meanwhile, all roads lead to Coyote Sands, the site of an old government project. Mohinder finds papers of his father's related to that place. Angela has summoned her sons, Claire, and Bennett to that place. She tells them to dig. They find a mass grave, evidence of a horrible secret that Angela has kept all these years...

Will the real Sandra Bennett seek divorce? What will be the next move for Hiro, Ando and the Parkmans? Is Matt's ex-wife safe? Will the Russian chick show up again? Will Danko ever arouse the suspicions of his fellow agents? Stay tuned.

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