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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Heroes - One Of Us, One Of Them

(Episode: Into Asylum. Spoilers ahead.)

Danko was never keen on adopting The Company's "one of us, one of them" policy, but Sylar plays Mephistopheles to his Faust, manipulating the Fed into taking him on as an unofficial partner as the latter finds himself utterly helpless in nabbing a shape-shifter.

The two track their quarry to a nightclub; they split up, and the shape-shifter takes Sylar's form and approaches Danko - falling right into their trap. Danko shoots to wound, and Sylar goes in for the kill and the power grab (in reverse order). Sylar has a new ability, and his victim retains Sylar's form even after death, thus providing physical evidence to fool Bennett into thinking that Danko has killed the real Sylar (with sharp object embedded in the back of the head where Sylar's regenerative ability would be cut off, the proverbial stake in a vampire's heart).

Meanwhile, Claire and Nathan are hiding out in Mexico. Short on cash, Nathan attempts to win some money betting with some twenty-something American bar patrons on who can drink whom under the table. Nathan can hold his tequila better than all but one; he loses the bet, but Claire dares the last guy standing, and thanks to her regenerative power her liver can out-endure anybody's.

Angela and Peter have taken refuge in a cathedral that the Petrellis have long attended. Angela has frightful insomnia and thus cannot sleep, perchance to dream about the future. Agents eventually come to the church and search the place; the two hide in a confessional. One of the agents finally opens the door to Angela's side of the confessional - it's Bennett, who shouts, "All clear."

Angela finally gets some sleep, and gets the direction she needed: she needs to round up Nathan and Claire, and with Peter seek out her sister.

Before the agents arrive, Peter approaches the altar and utters a brutally honest and presumptuous prayer. He admits to being angry at God, a not-too-uncommon human weakness. He also remarks that "we had a deal." God doesn't come down in the form of George Burns or Morgan Freeman and ask, "When did I make a deal with you? Do I look like Howie Mandel?" Perhaps Bennett's arrival is a more subtle divine message that God has things under control.

Will Bennett find out that that really isn't Sylar's body? How long until Danko regrets his pact with Sylar? Will Peter and have to escape their next predicament by being lowered out of a window in a basket? Stay tuned.

Update: How did he get from the back seat of Danko's car to the top of a building? Did Sylar assimilate someone's teleportation ability?

Update: I've been thinking about Baby Parkman's ability to partially recharge Hiro's ability. It's a challenge for science fiction to concoct conjectural laws of physics and make them look semi-rational - and this show has some 'splainin' to do. How did Arthur Petrelli steal Hiro's ability and leave enough of it intact for Baby Parkman to recharge part of it?

The best explanation is that the late Arthur's ability doesn't actually remove the power itself; it copies the power, and in the process drains the "power source" from the host. If this theory holds, Hiro is unable to teleport simply because that requires more power than freezing time. If Ando uses his power to augment Baby Parkman's, then Hiro might have the energy to teleport - and maybe even to travel through time.

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