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Friday, March 06, 2009

Lost - Sawyer And Friends Join DHARMA!

(Episode: LaFleur. Spoilers ahead.)

The episode picks up the Lostaways' events after Locke's fall down the well. They see briefly the ancient statue when it was still in one piece, before making one last time shift - to 1974.

Evidently the temporal anomaly was caused by the wheel in the teleport chamber and not by the breach in the wall created by Ben. Locke's departure saved them from the deadly physical effects of the anomaly. Thus the purpose of returning the other Lostaways is to rescue their friends from some something else.

From what? The Purge? I don't think so. The Purge happened in 1992; the events of the show take place in 1974 and 1977, and I don't think Sawyer and friends are going to be in DHARMA that long.

Sawyer's people stumble across two male Hostiles who have killed a DHARMA employee and are about to shoot a female member. Sawyer tries to break up the scene with the threat of armed force, and quickly winds up using it, killing the assailants. The surviving victim Amy leads them to the sonic fence; she apparently turns it off (at least the lethal component), but it's set to stun, incapacitating her hearing-protection-unequipped rescuers.

Horace Goodspeed
interrogates Sawyer. The seasoned conman adopts the alias James LaFleur, and successfully convinces Horace that he's captain of a wrecked salvage vessel looking for the Black Rock.

DHARMA plans to ship put Sawyer's gang - until LaFleur saves their bacon. The never-aging Richard Alpert shows up to the compound, and complains that the truce between their people has been violated. Sawyer offers to straighten things out, and talks to Richard alone. He tells what he knows about "Jughead" and his 1950s encounter with John Locke. Richard agrees to keep the peace, with an odd request: possession of the body of Amy's husband who had been killed in the encounter.

By 1977, Sawyer's group have joined DHARMA with "LaFleur" in charge of security and living with Juliet. Amy is married to Horace, pregnant, and going into labor two weeks early. Sawyer pulls Juliet "out of retirement" to handle the pregnancy complication (breech birth). It's a boy, and I'm wondering if he's gonna be named Miles...

This means that Sawyer's hunch was spot-on - whatever caused the fatalities of babies conceived and born on the island hasn't happened yet.

The night before Horace got drunk and tossing dynamite about the woods. He told "LaFleur" that he'd found Amy's dead husband's ankh necklace - she'd kept it for those three years, and he's jealous that she hadn't gotten over his death in that time. Sawyer says three years should be enough time to get over someone - but that's before his end-of-show reunion with Kate...

Now that Jin has retrieved Kate, Jack and Hurley, where's Sun? Will the Others find her - and Rose and Bernard's group?

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