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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heroes - "Rebel" Revealed

(Episode: Cold Snap. Spoilers ahead.)

He's Micah - the computer hacking should have given it away.

Somebody left puppet master Eric Doyle in Danko's apartment, wrapped in a red bow and halfway sedated. I bet the donor was Sylar, and this is part of some master plan.

Micah helps Tracy escape from Club Fed, not knowing that she's made a deal with Bennett to lead the feds to "Rebel." When they're cornered by a swarm of agents in a parking garage, Tracy comes up with a plan for Micah to escape without being spotted (thus protecting his identity). He turns on the sprinkler system and heads for an exit while she freezes the waterworks - and herself. Danko and Bennet enter; the former shoots Tracy, and she shatters. A remnant of her head winks at Bennett. Evidently she can transform herself into ice and then morph back into her original form.

The feds are also after Baby Parkman and Angela. The latter stays one step ahead of the authorities until she's cornered in an elevator. Peter comes to her rescue at the last moment, flying her up the elevator shaft.

The baby is Matt's son, born after the divorce from his wife. Mom comes home and finds Hiro and Ando, who tell her of the government hunt for mutants. She knows of the baby's power - the ability to power stuff.

The cops show up, with a warrant to take in mother and child for questioning. The oddd request to question an infant convinces the ex-Mrs. Parkman that Hiro and Ando need to protect the baby. The cops search the house, and in a desperate confrontation Ando discovers he can use his power to project force beams. Hiro discovers that the baby can even power his own drained ability, to the extent that he can freeze time. This allows for escape; Hiro takes the baby and time-frozen Ando in wheelbarrow and flees to a bus stop.

Daphne is taken to the hospital. Matt telepathically convinces the doctor to treat her gunshot wound (which Danko's people never treated) without filing a police report. We see her recover, flee from the hospital (and from Matt, having reservations about a continued romantic relationship), and wind up in Paris where Matt quickly tracks her down. But all this is a Matt-generated illusion; at the end of the show she's in a spartan hospital room with Matt and Mohinder present as the EKG flatlines.

Is Daphne really dead this time? Will Tracy regenerate? Where will the bus take Hiro and company? Stay tuned.

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