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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost - Jarrah, Sayid Jarrah, Licence To Kill

Episode: The Economist. Spoilers ahead.)

Iced tea, shaken, not stirred.

What an interesting turn of events. Sayid finds on Naomi's body a mysterious bracelet - that resembles one worn by one of the two people he shoots in a flash-forward on Ben's orders. Sayid takes Miles and Kate to retrieve Charlotte - but wind up getting captured by Locke, and return with Charlotte but without Miles and Kate. Faraday discovers an apparent temporal distortion between the freighter and the island. Frank takes Sayid, Desmond and Naomi's body aboard the chopper and head for the freighter.

Now for the theories. Abaddon's organization are neither DHARMA nor a yet-undisclosed faction of the Others. The Organization organization will stage the "rescue" of the Six in return for handing Ben over, who will subsequently be working for the Organization under duress. Ben will hire Sayid to assassinate Abaddon's people one by one; Sayid will comply because the Organization is a greater evil than Ben.

Here's a theory that might blow a few minds: Kate is not one of the Oceanic Six. The Six become public celebrities. Kate is wanted for murder (and other offenses) - there's no way she gets a pardon just because she survives a plane crash. I strongly suspect that the Organization will spirit Kate off the island and keep close tabs on her as insurance against Jack spilling the beans about the truth of Oceanic 815 - and that her keeper is the R. G. who gave Naomi that bracelet.

That means there are three known members of the Oceanic Six: Jack, Hurley, and Sayid. So who are the other three? Based on the Season 4 episode list, I'm going with Desmond, Jin and Sun - they are the foci of Episodes 5 and 7, respectively, Sun and Jin definitely have a flash-forward in Episode 7, but that's no guarantee they will depart from the island with public knowledge. (Note: Ji Yeon, the title of the episode, is a female Korean name.) Kate and Juliet also have feature episodes scheduled; I predict the question of Kate's membership with the Oceanic Six will be revealed, and that Juliet's episode will have flashbacks instead of flashforwards.

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