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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lost - The Beginning Of The End Of Our Patience

Episode: The Beginning Of The End. Spoilers ahead.)

Is Charlie Pace really dead? I doubt that Desmond stuck around for three to four minutes to verify that Charlie did indeed drown in that flooded communications room. This is wild speculation, but could he have allowed himself to drift long enough to fulfill Desmond's vision of his drowning, and then escape through the blown porthole to return to the non-flooded portion of the facility, all without Desmond's knowledge? This is wild speculation, but weirder stuff has happened on this show.

Hurley's vision of Charlie adds extra confuision. Some castaways have had waking or dream visions of dead people while on the island, but only Hurley has had them away from the island - even before the crash. Is there a common thread between the Charlie and Dave visions? If so, either they are hallucinatory manifestations of his conscience (similar to Remy's visions of Auguste Gusteau in Ratatouille), they are connetced to the on-island visions of dead people somehow, or they are essentially visiting ghosts - perhaps Dave one of the two who died in the platform collapse (referenced here) that led to Hurley's original stay at the mental institution.

If the off-island visions have the same source as the on-island visions, that means that the mysterious island intelligence(s) had been trying to reach Hurley even before the crash. Why Hurley and nobody else? The obvious connection is that the institution was where Hurley learned of The Numbers. He was probably the only patient who bothered to remember Leonard's repeated recitation of them; maybe Dave was trying to make Hurley do stuff to decrease his chances of leaving, to ensure that what numbers are said in the asylum stay in the asylum.

If "the island" wasn't communicating with Hurley then, it seems to be opening hailing frequencies now. The appearance of Jacob's shack in two separate locations is not a sign offered by someone who wants to be left alone. The image flashed by too quickly for me to recognize him, but Lostpedia's article on this episode sayd the man in the rocking chair was Christian Shephard, or the island's facsimile of him - still image here. The eyes looking out may have belonged to Locke - not sure on that.

If things weren't confusing enough, in the flash-forward Hurley says he regrets joining Locke's group, but evidently people from both groups, a total of six combined, will eventually get off the island, and will be coerced into silence.

Enter Matthew Abbadon. He says he's an Oceanic attorney, has no way to prove it, and wants to know from Hurley if "they" are still alive. We'll be seeing more of this dude in future episodes.

Ben and Locke are fools. Ben knows who the "bad guys" are, but he won't spill what he knows, not even for the sake of his own self-preservation. Locke at the very least some sketchy knowledge about the ill intent of their would-be rescuers, but he's not telling anyone specifics, or how he found out. (Jacob was probably his source.) Jack is a fool for not considering for a moment that the Others may not be the only ones with nefarious plans involving the island, and that Ben is indeed telling the truth about Naomi's people.

Speaking of Naomi really dead, or is she playing possum? Locke and Bakunin are in tune with the island's healing properties like none of the other, both having walked away from injuries that woudl have killed anyone else. (For the sake of not making our heads explode any more than they have, I hope that Bakunin really is dead, that the grenade blast was more than even the island could repair.) Is Naomi at one with The Island Force as well? That stab would looked too nasty to walk away from.

If Ben is so terrified of these people, why didn't he speak up when Naomi started to crawl away?

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) remains listed as an official regular, and a few new ones have been added. Jeremy Davies plays Daniel Faraday, the parachutist who appears at the end of the episode. Rebecca Mader will play Charlotte Lewis, who will be introduced in episode 2. The name of Ken Leung's character is not yet released. And Harold Perrineau is coming back! Will his character Michael be in the island sequences or the flash-forwards - or both?

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