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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heroes - Time Passages

(Episode: The Line. Spoilers ahead.)

Shades of last season - a time-traveller (this time Peter) goes to the future to find a post-apocalyptic New York City. The immediate cause of the desolation is unknown, but a powerful theory arises from Mohinder's fears that experimenting with the Shanti virus could create a strain that a) could cross to the non-mutant population and b) could not be cured.

Since the virus is known to suppress evolved abilities, one might suspect that the Sylar has the virus - but he still has his intuitive aptitude ability, so that theory doesn't hold, unless he was given a strain that suppresses only the "assimilated" abilities.

Peter and Sylar have an interesting parallel this season: each was rescued from near-certain death by forces yet unknown. Peter is investigating his mystery, and Sylar is ignoring his - and the idiot killed the only known witness out of greed for her ability.

A mysterious Adam Monroe is tied to Peter's post-nuclear past. The Company has a file on him, and Adam left a note in the Montreal building that Peter found through his painting.

Hiro's in big trouble now. The moment that has fractured the Japanese timeline is his kiss with Yaeko, which Kensei witnesses. Kensei rejects Hiro's contrition, and has chosen to side with Whitebeard isntead of oppose him. Kensei was to have blocked Whitebeard's plans to bring firearms into Japan and to seek to overthrow the emperor. (The year is 1671; the emperor at the time was Reigen, aka Satohito.) I believe we are about to see the origins of the "Future Hiro" that intervened in the first season.

Bennett and The Haitian have found the six missing Series of Eight paintings, through highly unethical means.

  • Seriously-injured Claire lying on the ground. This already happened; it is a scene from the macabre practical joke that she and West pulled on Debbie the stuckup cheerleader. Probably the second painting.
  • A blonde woman banging on a metal surface. Probably Jessica/Niki, foretelling a future event that will come of her being partnered with Mohinder.
  • Two men in or in front of a jail cell; a biohazard symbol is partly visible. Adds weight to the runaway-Shanti-virus theory. Guy in the foreground looks like Peter, guy in background looks kinda like Rowan Atkinson.
  • A vial of liquid. Probably an experimental strain of the Shanti virus.
  • Painting Six shows Hiro swordfighting Kensei.
  • Painting Seven is Mohinder firing a pistol. Is his target Noah Bennett, the apparent gunshot victim of the eighth painting?

At the Heroes Wiki site, one fan theory about these paintings is that the two people kissing in the final painting are Mohinder and Jessica/Niki, not West and Claire. The theory notes that West is considerably taller than Claire, and the kissers are about the same height. Actually, the guy's posture seems to be a bit bent, so I'm siding with the West/Claire theory. The dress doesn't look like Jessica/Niki's style, anyway. I noticed one more detail: the bloodstain pattern suggests that Bennett is behind a glass window or door.

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