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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heroes - Days Of Future Passed

(Spoiler warning)

I could have sworn those sheets of paper hanging all about Isaac's loft at the end of last week's episode were the same size of the pages from the sketchbook. As we see in Five Years Gone, they are all sorts of newspaper clippings that Future Hiro has been using to try to find the key moments that must be changed to "save the world."

Isaac did hide Sylar's fate from Sylar - the future timeline was in the final edition of 9th Wonders! itself. (I should have known this; Hiro is one of the comic book's chief characters.) The Heroes wiki has an image of the panel showing Hiro stabbing Sylar with his katana. I still suspect that there is something significant in the pages of the sketch book.

One key moment was saving the cheerleader. Her power would make Sylar indestructible, although a foreign object in the brain would do the job temporarily - like a stake in a vampire's heart - judging from past episodes about Claire's and Peter's apparent deaths. He must be killed in order to prevent his ascendency to the Presidency in the guise of Nathan Petrelli.

In this future Sylar has killed Nathan, Candice, and D. L. for their powers. The explosion was somehow blamed on Sylar, but it was really Peter, who regenerated afterward. Micah was among the explosion's victims, as was Ando, which Present Ando learns from Peter. Jessica is gone but Niki is around (however this works) and is seeing Peter. Parkman heads Homeland Security and The Haitian works for him. DHS rounds up heroes, except for a select few by secret agreement between Parkman and Bennett. Claire is in hiding but Parkman finds her and turns her over to the President, who she iscovers too late to be Sylar and not Nathan.

Sylar is using the anti-hero laws to "eliminate the competition." In his Nathan disguise he instructs his aide Mohinder to oversee an extermination program. He announces to the public that a cure has been found for the genetic anomaly. In reality it is a deadly toxin; the government will announce that it discovered too late that it has lethal side effects. Present Hiro, who has been captured by DHS, will be the first recipient. But the last issue of 9th Wonders! comes to the rescue; Mohinder has a copy, and it has panels showing Mohinder injecting The Haitian instead of Hiro; Mohinder follows suit. Hiro and Ando escape to the present.

Something will keep Hiro from taking down Sylar, if Hiro doesn't figure out what it is. Otherwise, Sylar is destined for the White House - to the detriment of Linderman's political schemes...

I've noticed something: every single one of Isaac's paintings has come true. But the image we see can be misleading; for instance, Peter's apparent death in his first encounter with Sylar. Mohinder's attack on The Haitian might be a future that is prevented, but (cue the Twilight Zone music) an event that present Hiro will still experience and remember. If all the artwork comes true, somebody will explode (not necessarily Peter), NYC will experience a massive explosion, damage level indeterminate, at the rough midpoint between the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings (image here), Sylar will be stabbed (lethally or not), and Nathan (or his doppelganger) will stand in the Oval Office.


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