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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Heroes - All Roads Lead To New York City

(Episode: Landslide. Spoliers ahead.)

It's a shame to see Ted Sprague get killed off. At least he had his moment of glory when he helped Bennett and Parkman escape from the Primatech gulag.

So Peter and Sylar now have Ted's ability, and both can control it. We know from the episode Company Man what causes the holder of that ability to "go nuclear" - critical bodily injury while conscious. So killing Sylar could cause the explosion!

But no, it really is Peter who will explode if Future Hiro's history is not changed. The key seems to be Present Hiro - he must do something different between now and Judgment Day to change the chain of events. These are known events in Future Hiro's history:

  1. Sylar kills Candace, assimilates her ability.
  2. Sylar kills D. L., assimilates his ability.
  3. Sylar kills Nathan, assimilates his ability.
  4. Ando dies, cause not revealed.Peter explodes.
  5. Peter explodes, cause unknown, and gets a scar he can't regenerate.
  6. Micah dies in the explosion.
  7. Jessica dies, but Niki survives - cause unknown.

Unless the timeline has already been altered, D. L. will survive the gunshot wound inflicted by Linderman. (I would think he'd phase his hand into his own body and pull the bullet out.) So Sylar should cross their paths in next week's finale.

Sylar will also somehow find Candace. I don't think he even knows about her.

Sylar knows about Peter's ability by now (if nothing else, by witnessing the latter's encounter with Sprague and company). It seems that Sylar will cause Peter to explode. Hiro must prevent this from happening. Either he must protect Peter from nuke-inducing injury, or he must prevent some incident that separates Peter from Claire, the only one who can get close enough to keep him from detonating as she did for Ted.

Hiro must also kill Sylar without Sylar exploding in NYC. There are two ways to pull this off: Sylar is mortally wounded and then sedated (by one of our super-healing heroes), or Sylar is mortally wounded, and Hiro freezes time and teleports with Sylar to someplace else, hopefully to teleport away before Sylar goes boom.

It appears that Kaito Nakamura has something in common with Bennett - hiding a family member's hero ability from the Organization. How did Mr. Nakamura know about his son's ability, though, and how was he able to track Hiro's progress?

Good to see FBI agent Audrey Hanson's return. I bet seeing Parkman, Bennett and Molly together would freak her out. Maybe she'll do just that, and thus get dragged into the final showdown with Sylar. She'd freak out even more if she learns that the guy posing as Isaac Mendez who reported Ted to the Federalies was really her mutant archnemesis.


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