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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heroes - Isaac Outwits Sylar

(Warning: spoilers)

Yesterday's episode raises an interesting question: why in the name of Vishnu didn't Mohinder shoot Sylar when he knocked the dude unconscious?

Claire finally gets to meet dad. She doesn't want to go to Paris, but I think deep down she understands the obvious reason for it, to preserve Nathan's election chances. The bigger unspoken reason is that half of New York is gonna explode, and he doesn't want Claire in the warpath. But we all know that she'll find a way to stay.

The big winners of this episode are Peter, Mr. Bennett, and, ironically, Isaac. Peter survives thanks to Claire finding the shard of glass in his head; their shared power is interrupted by foreign objects stuck in the brain, loosely analogous to a stake in a vampire's heart. Bennett pulls off an exquisite breakout, and is now teamed with Sprague and Parkman and headed for - guess where. If Sprague is smart he'll suggest recruiting Hana Gitelman; she may have some trust issues with Bennett, but the "mutant" tracking facility in NYC should be enough to scare her into joining. It never hurts to have an Israeli commando on your team if you're fighting bad guys.

Isaac's death had been foretold already by Hiro's first visit to future New York, and later in one of Isaac's own paintings. Sylar gets what he wants, but doesn't realize that Isaac has hidden an even greater prize from the serial killer - his sketch book, which contains the entire progression of events leading to the New York apocalypse. One of those events is Sylar's death; without that sketch Sylar lacks a critical clue needed to save his own life. Hiro and Ando find those sketches pinned up in Isaac's loft in Future New York when they meet Future Hiro, who got the sketch book from ISaac's courier somehow, and evidently relied on them when he traveled back to tell Peter to "save the cheerleader, save the world."

(Saving the cheerleader was indeed necessary for saving his own life.)

So it turns out that Linderman is leading the Organization after all. (Or is one of several in the highest echelons.) What does he want with Micah? Given the boy's ability, I suspect it has something to do with the "mutant" tracking facility. Which makes sense, since all the "mutants" are being drawn to NYC.

I still want Mr. Muggles to bite Candice the shapeshifter/illusionist/whatever.


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