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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lost - Giving Us New Mysteries Before The Old Ones Are Solved

(Spoiler warning)

Okay, how did the Russkie survive the sonic fence? There are several possibilities:

  • He faked his death - the sonic fence does nothing but keep Smokey out. (He'd have to fake bleeding from the ears, which is unlikely.)
  • He was injured by the fence, but not fatally.
  • The Bakunin who showed up was really the Monster. (The Bakunin at the fence couldn't have been the Monster because he was able to cross the sonic barrier.)
  • Some other deeply convoluted explanation.

D.O.C. is more interesting than the previous episode, mainly because of the scenes with Sun and Juliet. The paternity of Sun's baby is now certain, as is Juliet's loathing for Ben. We have a hint as to her mission, that it has to do with her fertility research. Mittelos' ultimate goals for this research is yet to be disclosed; I suspected some sort of profit motive, but there's probably more to it than that.

We've learned very little from Naomi. Without the Internet, only Portugese-speaking viewers would know that she told Bakunin that she's not alone. (He speaks English, Russian and Portugese - that's a lot of foreign language training for an army medic.)

We also learned that Naomi believes that Flight 815 wreckage was found. Aside from alternate universe and time travel possibilities, there are at least four possibilities:

  • The outside world found parts of the wreckage that had washed out to sea. It seems unlikely that the wreckage could have traveled so far from the island that a) rescuers would have ignored the island, and b) the Lostaways would not have spotted the search operations.
  • Naomi was somehow given false information about 815. She would have to have been sheltered from outside news coverage, and subjected to fake news about the flight. I could see that happening to a prisoner on the island
  • Naomi was lying. But why?
  • A second plane crashed that day, a counterfeit of Flight 815.

The fourth alternative seems the most likely. That means that someone (Mittelos or DHARMA are top suspects) staged the crash. But why? Most likely explanation is to cover up the hijacking of the real flight.

Which brings up the next question: motive. The hijack coverup theory means that the world would never know a crime was committed, and would never be able to find the real plane or its occupants. Possible motives are murder, hiding from the world something or someone that was on that plane, or stealing something or someone that was on that plane. If the latter two, the goal could have been to bring the plane to the island intact - only to have that plan thwarted by Desmond's delay in hitting the button.

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