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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mideast Alternate History

LGF links a Daily Kos article that tries to second-guess what the world would be like if the modern nation of Israel had not existed:

Thanks mostly to U.S. President Harry S. Truman and his “susceptibility to Zionist influence,” Israel came into existence in 1948. [1] Humanity, and in particular, the Palestinians, have paid dearly for his decision. The land on which the Palestinians had been living for centuries, in peace, with a minority Jewish population, has been gradually transformed into an Apartheid state by the machinations of the Zionist Movement. That Apartheid state, in turn, is today dominated by Israel’s Death-Mayhem-and- Occupation Machine. [2]

One wonders: What would the world look like today, if the state of Israel had not been created in 1948? Its improvident formation seems to have set in motion a chain of events, mostly negative, in the affairs of Mankind. In the movie, “Click,” the lead character finds a “universal remote” that allows him to rewind to different parts of his life and to change what had happened. If I possessed such a “universal remote” and could stop President Truman from aiding and abetting the establishment of an Israeli state, then, it is my speculation, (a theory), that the following 25 propositions would probably be our present day reality. They are:

1. The U.S. would not have any enemies in the Islamic World.

2. There would be no Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network.

3. Gasoline would be selling for less than $1 a gallon.

4. There would have been no 9/11.

5. There would be no USA Patriot Law.

6. There would be no Homeland Security Agency.

7. The Israeli Lobby's "unmatched power" over the U.S.' foreign policy, for over four decades, would not had existed. (Its support for the Iraqi War was deemed by the experts to be "critical.")

8. There would also not have been any Neocon ideologues; like Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, et al, to help, (along with other "Special Interests"), to push the U.S. into an illegal war with Iraq. [4]

9. Iran would not be the next target for U.S. aggression. (No Israel. No "A Clean Break" document. No Israeli Lobby. No Neocons. No need for the U.S. to attack Iran.) [5]

10. The Zionist fink, Jonathan Pollard, wouldn't be in prison for stealing U.S. military secrets and hawking them to Israel.

In Comment #81 I take a stab at second-guessing this alternate universe (emphasis in original):

The Kossack is forgetting another important episode of history - the Cold War. Saudi Arabia and Iran under the Shah were our Cold War allies. All things being equal, the Iranian theocracy would have still happened, as would the hostage crisis and Iranian involvement in the Khobar Towers bombing. There would still have been an al-Qaeda, since support for the Saudi government was/is one of Osama bin Laden's grievances with the US.

Also, if there had been no Israel, there would have been no Jordan. Historic Palestine would have been made into one nation, not two, and King Abdullah would have been the reigning monarch. Since there would have been no 1967 war, there would have been no flood of Pali refugees in Jordan in its wake. Instead, the Palestinian Arab would have been subjects of the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine all along. And the Palis would still have mounted insurrections against Hashemite rule. Any guesses as to which side of that conflict the US would have picked?

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