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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bush To Speak Before The NAACP

FrontPage Magazine's Ben Johnson doesn't like it. He explains how the organization had long abandoned the bounds of civility.

I disagree. The audience is everybody within range of the free press, not just the NAACP. This gives Bush an opportunity to score some points - if he hits on these themes in the listed order:

  • Note the major chapters of the Civil Rights era: Rosa Parks, MLK, the Voting and Civil Rights Acts.
  • Celebrate the fact that within his lifetime, relations between blacks and whites improved at a greater pace than any thawing of ethnic relations in history. Bush must emphasize that the cultural changes came first, making the political changes possible. This statement must be in there: "Today, racism has been pushed to the fringes of society." Extra points if he cites Billy Graham's efforts to racially integrate his crusades in the 1950s.
  • Note that these changes owe themselves totally to peaceful activities, and not in any measure to racial violence such as that perpetrated by the Black Panthers. Extra points if he quotes the AFT's Herb Magdison: "Rosa Parks didn't blow up a bus."
  • Explain how Democrats promised to improve the fortunes of blacks, and how the opposite of what was intended actually occurred.
  • Explain how Republican policy will reverse the Democrats' damage, citing how Reaganomics benefited the black community.
  • Explain that blacks (and everyone else) who prosper do no not because of government programs but because they identify and apply their natural talents. Name a few famous examples - Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Michael Jordan - and twice as many nonfamous examples of everyday folks who nobody ever heard of who excel as entrepreneurs, systems programmers, doctors, managers, etc.

Update: Ack! He already made the speech!! I bet it was far different from the one I envisioned.

Update: I managed to find a complete transcript. Yep, faaar different. Yawn.

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