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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Moderate Republican Wins In Ohio Despite Moderate Voter Turnout

Two years ago I wrote this about Bush's leftward policy trends (emphasis added):

Hey, Bush is only continuing the trend that started in the wake of the budget debacle of 1995. Since then, the GOP's chronic vacillation on domestic issues has eroded the presence of conservatives at the polls on Election Day. Memo to the GOP leadership: if you won't fight for us we won't fight for you.

That principle was demonstrated in the special election in Ohio's Second Congressional District earlier this week, as Rush Limbaugh explains (emphasis added):

Here are the returns, the total votes from the last three elections, including yesterday's in this district in Ohio. In 2002, there were 184,100 total votes casts. In 2004, there were 310,000 votes casts. Yesterday, 111,000 votes cast. So if you go back to 2002, and then you look at 2005, and then you add up the fact that this is a heavily Republican district, what do you find? You find that Republicans stayed home. The Republicans didn't show up and vote against somebody. They didn't show up and vote for Hackett. They stayed home.

What was it that Jean Schmidt did that so upset Ohio Republicans? (Emphasis added yet again):

[Y]ou've got an unpopular governor in Ohio, Mr. Taft. He has raised taxes. Jean Schmidt voted for those taxes, and we had calls from people yesterday, and I'm telling you what, you've got a moderate governor, and this Jean Schmidt is said to be a Reagan Republican, but today's the first time I heard that. I know she ran a positive, uplifting campaign, she didn't do a dirty campaign, but the fact of the matter is, folks, the conservatives do the heavy lifting in this party, and then if they're represented by a bunch of moderates who undo the work the Republicans say, "Okay, screw you, I'm staying home. I'm voting for you, I put you in office and you raise my taxes?"

If you want our votes, get your dirty stinking hands out of our pockets. We're trying to meet obligations and get ahead in life. Get out of our way.

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