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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dude, Where's My Country - Conclusion

Our story left off with the startling discovery that, in our future and time traveler Dave Wowee's present, what was once the United States split off into two nations - Crimsonia and Azuria - along the blue-red demarcation of the 2004 election.

Oop and Ava remain hidden as the Crimsonian leader instructs his assistant (named Conrad) to retrieve data from Dave's computer. (Earlier the two men who had planted the terrorist data files on the computer had notified Conrad by cell phone when they were finished.) The leader produces a sheet of paper with a list of the terrorists whose names had been added to Dave's address book - but Dave shows that those names (thanks to Ava's work) are not there. Conrad makes a careless slip of the tongue; "I don't understand what happened! IT's GONE!!" The leader yells, "QUIET!! NOT HERE!!" and ushers his men out of the room.

With the Crimsonian officials gone, Oop and Ava come out of hiding. They use Ava's and Oop's transport buttons to send everybody to Wonmug's lab. Somehow Dave's history got changed. Ava figures it out - the transport buttons Dave made for Doc Wonmug and company. Dave takes the buttons says he'll and go back in time to prevent himself from giving them out. As soon as Wonmug sends him back through the time machine, Wonmug, Ava, and Oop have no memory of his visit or how they got to where they're standing.

Not long after, Wonmug gets the idea for the transport buttons on his own. Ava objects when he makes one for Oop: "Don't you think it might affect history if we send him to Moo with one?" Wonmug agrees. Oop remarks, "That's okay! I can think of some folks back home who shouldn't get their hands on this."

That comment seems to suggest what changed history. The Crimsonian leader was a large, bald, stocky fellow with scruffy facial hair - a caveman?? It would seem that, had Oop returned to Moo with one of the time travel devices, one of his contemporaries would steal the button one way or another, discover and take over Wonmug's lab, and set his political aspirations to Dave Wowee's time.

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